7 Warning Signs of Engine Trouble

7 Warning Signs of Engine Trouble

It's important to take action as soon as you notice a sign of an engine problem. This way, you can hopefully address the issue before it gets worse and you have to spend a lot more money on the repairs. Here are seven common symptoms of engine trouble.

Check Engine Light Comes On

When the check engine light turns on, it doesn't automatically mean that your engine is on the cusp of failure. But it's still smart to play it safe and get to the shop for computerized diagnostics so that the issue can be pinpointed and addressed.

Knocking Sound

If your oil level gets really low, you might hear a knocking or tapping noise come from your engine due to insufficient lubrication. A knocking sound may also arise if the air-fuel mix ignites on its own instead of via spark plug, which could lead to serious trouble.


Dangerously low oil could cause vibrations in your engine that stem from metal-on-metal contact.

Power Loss

In an old vehicle with high miles, it shouldn't be alarming if a bit of power has slowly been lost as the years have passed. However, if the power loss is sudden and steep, then serious issues, such as worn-out pistons, could be a concern.

Discolored/Excessive Exhaust Smoke

Black exhaust smoke is an indication that too much fuel is burning up. White smoke suggests an internal coolant leak. Blue-tinged smoke is a sign that oil is leaking.

Engine Stalls while Idling

This symptom means there's a good chance you're dealing with a fuel delivery problem. With such an issue, you could end up stalling out while in traffic, which poses a significant safety hazard. So this is an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.


Overheating can result in major engine problems, making it important that your cooling system remains in strong condition. Cooling system leaks are a common cause of overheating.

If you need auto repair, be sure to entrust the work to a reputable mechanic. For engine repair in Margate, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, and Coconut Creek, FL, contact the experts at J & C Car Repair at (954) 504-9484. Feel free to give J & C Car Repair a call today to make an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: March 21, 2021

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